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Aura E-Liquid Menthol 10ml

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Single Use Disposable E-cigarette

No Smoke or Odor

Awesome Flavor

No Ash – No Mess

Long Lasting Li-Ion Battery

Dual L.E.D Indicator Lights




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NuvoCig Disposable Electronic Cigarette Five Pack for $20.00

The NuvoCig Disposable Electronic Cigarette is a great way to try for the first time electronic cigarette user. The Nuvo Disposable requires no assembly and is ready to use right out of the pack. The disposable e cigarette is also great for travel or for a gift for those you know excited to try the advantages of smokeless cigarettes.

Comes in two exciting flavors:
* Normal Tobacco flavor * Cool Menthol flavor

Which is the best e-cigarette for you?

Which is the best e-cigarette for you? Stop searching through all the websites. You will find a good number of them right here. We see our traffic and sales recorded to each E-Cigarette company we are affiliated with. The more traffic and sales equals the better deals, quality and customer service. Here are the Top Ten results based on our customers buying habits.
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